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  • Where is your jewellery made?
    Our jewellery is designed and finished in London, starting from a rough sketch and then molded from wax in Hatton Garden, cast in sterling silver and finally plated. Our stones are sourced from Jaipur the gem capital of the world. We are a sustainable company and the suppliers that we work with have been handpicked to reflect our values. We try to avoid plastics at all costs and our packaging is designed to be kept.
  • Which pieces donate to charity?
    10% of the proceeds from every animal we sell are donated diretcly to an animal charity which relates to the piece.
  • What is your returns policy?
    Jewellery (except earrings) may be returned to us within 14 days of purchase. All returns must be in the original packaging and in the condition they were in when purchased.
  • What do you mean by proceeds?
    We aim to be as transparent as possible here at Wyld Jewellery, by proceeds we are referring to the cost of the piece of jewellery after in the manufacturing cost has been subtracted. For example, if a piece of jewellery costs you £5, and it costs £1 to make the proceeds are £4, 10% of this is donated to charity which would be 40p. We do not donate a percentage of profits as many business can take years to make ‘profit’meaning charity’s do not receive their rightful donations.
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